We design, develop and maintain integrated enterprise application integrations which increase business productivity, reduce service cycles, accelerate new application deployment cycles, and optimize information life cycles, and this is done by amalgamating existing applications at higher operational efficiency and low cost. We follow industry standards, and work on wide applicability with potential to revolutionise enterprise architecture, integration methodology, and information consolidation; covering multiple business functions, processes and organization levels and may extend outside the organization.

  • We provide a technology platform that enables organizations to integrate and coordinate their business processes on a robust foundation. We automate business processes used across systems, policies, people and partners, by conjoining with customer relationship management, knowledge management and supply chain management
  • We develop enterprise planning framework with focus on survival, competition, opportunity and vulnerability.
  • we provide subject matter experts in enterprise information and application integration for strategic planning, by developing frameworks of analysis which drive a firm's strategy. These frameworks enable the firm to cope with the external actions (demands, operating environments, government regulations..) and create teamwork in the enterprise planning process.
  • Our team can develop an integration framework composed of a collection of technologies and services which form a middleware or "middleware framework" to enable integration of systems and applications across an enterprise.
  • We specializ in Cloud Migrations and Maintenance services with expertise in Amazon AWS, Azure, Private Cloud, VPN, Cloud Architecture, Cloud DR, Big Data on cloud, Cloud Security, and other Cloud specialized services.
  • We can develop multilevel security layers to support top secret information sharing within Federal agencies.
  • Enterprise information integration (EII) - Data integration: We can develop an integration framework which ensures
  • information in multiple systems is kept consistent.
We possess a broad range of skills and breadth of knowledge in software, systems and enterprise architecture, software and hardware engineering, interface protocols, and general problem solving skills, which helps us in achieving a better result at low cost while performing system integration projects.

we have extensive knowledge in EVMS solutions. We can provide application development, operations and maintenance, BI, automation, enhancement, and modernization activities.

Business Process Reengineering: We are up to date with the best rethinking and redesigning practices in optimization and cost reduction. Our consultants possess a high-level assessment and reasoning skills to work on organization's mission, strategic goals, and user needs. Re-engineering processes focused on the organization's business processes—the steps and procedures that govern how resources are used to achieve cost, quality, service, and speed. This involves identification, analysing, and re-designing core processes, workflow, planning, guidelines, information systems, change management, risk management, and other areas.

We establish overall strategy for research, analyzing and brain storming phases, the knowledge gathered will be transformed in to a strategy map for world-class delivery of the business process re-engineering services with consideration for Business Process, Change adoption, Compliance, Security, and Growth perspectives.

We provide Software Strategies Consulting Services to assist in providing information and advice to monitor and stay aligned with industry. Business strategy for next generation IT system and platforms, and support decision making team for the development of transition plans with internal support levels, scheduling, budgeting, RFP/RFI drafting, industry data support, and coordination.