We plan, develop, test and launch business and public mobile applications. We build a mobile strategy, understand current and future requirement, and adopt phase wise deployment approach. We design and develop user friendly and simple mobile apps, deliver all the features available on the web portal. We use latest mobile app testing methodologies and automation tools to make sure the app works on all devices. We can launch the official business app and maintain with 99.99% availability. We design and develop whole back end and front end process of mobile application. We support Android, IOS, Windows and Blackberry platforms, and if opted we use hybrid development programming which enables majority of the development code reusability across these platforms.

Security: We provide guidelines and implementation for security for mobile apps and web portals. using industry standard encryption techniques. We deploy security specialists, who can offer tailor made security services specifically to meet businesses security needs. With our flexible approach and experienced project team, we utilise our knowledge, experience and versatility to deliver you the most comprehensive and cost effective security service.

Content Management & Collaboration: We have strong capabilities in the portal space with value-added services such as B2B/B2C solutions, Content Management, and Social Collaboration. These offerings have now matured into service lines in themselves. We have Enterprise Content Management expertise across platforms and have done work for global giants across verticals. Social Collaboration has been one of our core offerings. We extend our coverage beyond the technical space and work closely with customers to develop a framework to ensure organization-wide acceptance and wide-spread adoption.

  • Our consultants are experts in using SAP HANA’s strength in generating revolutionizing decision-making through analytics, statistical functions, and visualizations.
  • AWS EMR (Hadoop) can be setup in minutes to process unlimited amounts of data. Hadoop clusters can be scaled up and scaled down based on the need and pay by the hour for the machines used instead of investing in hardware.
  • Design and Implement Security Strategy for clients using Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), VPN, Encryption for Data Storage, Encryption at the Wire Level, and Encryption for backups.
  • Data warehouse implementation based on Columnar and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) databases.
Business Intelligence and Analytics: We use advance methodologies including Big Data and Social Networking Analytics methods to provide graphical dashboards, advance reports and predictive analysis to support Businesses in maintaining and enhancing public and business IT applications. We use industr y best tools like TIBCO, in supporting decision makers in providing analytical and predictive reports, by capturing the right information, at the right time, and act on it pre-emptively for a competitive advantage.

Our consultants are specialized in well-defined methodologies and frameworks such as Data warehousing, AWS, Bigdata, Cloud, SAP HANA, etc. We work closely with CIOs to design, develop, and deploy function specific reporting and dashboards taking enhanced user experience and visualization into consideration. We work on Business intelligence platforms (data marts, data stores, data warehouses) and data integration and management for data quality and governance.