PebiCloud priority is to understand the IT assets including both software and hardware, record maintenance systems, monitoring and performance measurement systems, maintenance services process, time-based delivery process, resources at disposal, link with the financial systems, agency management policies and procedures, vendor relationships, documentation, testing requirements, security systems and software, and providing audit reports. Research, analysis and development activities for systems and processes identified in IT supply chain management area are:
1. We understand the way physical inventory is handled and how the accountability of IT assets is maintained within an operating location
2. We understand the process and procedures of tracking the assets established by the Federal agencies right from the receipt of hardware to the disposal of the equipment.
3. We understand the process of how the software licenses (both application and system software) are obtained and maintained by businesses which also include renewals, SaaS subscriptions, PaaS subscriptions, etc.
  • Our team can develop an integration framework composed of a collection of technologies and services which form a middleware or "middleware framework" to enable integration of systems and applications across an enterprise.
  • We have expertise in many enterprise systems (e.g., SAP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Informatica, TIBCO, Fusion Middleware, JD Edwards, and SAP HANA) and also in many IT technologies (e.g., http, udp, ftp, smtp, imap, xml, json, and AES) enabling us to delivery best in class application integration frameworks.
  • We can develop multilevel security layers to support highly confidential information sharing within business.
  • Enterprise information integration (EII) - Data integration: We can develop an integration framework which ensures information in multiple systems is kept consistent.
  • We specializ in Cloud Migrations and Maintenance services with expertise in Amazon AWS, Azure, Private Cloud, VPN, Cloud Architecture, Cloud DR, Big Data on cloud, Cloud Security, and other Cloud specialized services.
  • We efficiently comply with the most stringent regulatory requirements, secure critical applications, and access to sensitive data. We specialize in providing Risk Management Framework (RMF), Single Sign-On IAM solutions, Password Complexity guidelines, Database Security, Cloud Security, and other Security solutions.
Telecommunication and Networking: We provide operations support and maintenance services that meet businesses' policies, standards, and procedures. Following are our service areas:

Network Management (LAN/WAN) – Includes planning, designing, implementation, security and maintenance of LAN, WAN, Wireless, VPN, and Public/Private cloud networks, with end-to-end network management capability. With specialization in service desk support, firewalls, cabling, PBX, Video/Video Teleconference (VTC), meeting NIH compliance, configurations, encryption, policing, alarming and recovery, support new hardware and firmware, documentation, research and compliance requirements (patch management).

Consultation and analysis support for Automated Identification Technology (AIT), industrial equipment, Radio Frequency (RF) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) projects and assistance in developing plans for AIT, RF, and RFID projects. And also provide assistance in design, comparison analysis, implementation, and maintenance of all wireless equipment and middleware.

SATCOM – Providing Satellite Communications Systems planning, designing, developing, testing, installing, and management.

VoIP services include designing, development, integration and maintenance.